“Our mission is to help our customers find superior quality property investments by helping them bypass difficult and bureaucratic processes and offering them the best buying experience possible. “

During our stay in Barcelona we have witnessed many people moving to Barcelona, either for business or for tourism, for shorter or longer term, and one of the things we have observed is how fascinated people get by the vibe of this city. Barcelona unites many different industries, including fashion, art, gastronomy, wine, a rich culture, great climate, among many others. It is a great city in so any ways.


Despite the multitudes of offerings, we noticed a fragmented property market, difficult processing times and ineffective mechanism that slow instead of fuel what should be an efficient property market. Additionally, we noticed how difficult it is to get hold of the superb objects out there, and how scarce the offering was in the high-end market with the appropriate information related to the purchase. All of those reasons compelled us to establish our own real estate business, focused on excellent service and directed to picky clients who want the best of the best. That’s why we named it Laetus, it stands for: Luxury, Joyful, and Happiness.


Combining experience from the corporate world with real local experience and a Nordic mindset focused on excellence and seriousness, we decided to go for it.

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